Nice, Balotelli, bitter farewell? Not convened for the trip to Angers

Officially he is sick. But on the Côte d'Azur it is rumored that a relationship has broken down not only with coach Favre, but also with the management. Fault of the declarations of Mino Raiola... It risks being a bitter farewell, that of Balotelli in Nice. The striker, top scorer of the club, is not called for the trip to Angers tonight, where they are at stake precious points for the Europa League. Officially because sick. But in the Côte d'Azur it is rumored to have been a relationship that had not only been broken by the technician, with whom there was never an idyll, but also with the management. Fault of the statements of Mino Raiola that assumes that his client is released, while Nice considers that the year in option more, it is worth as an agreement to collect at least ten million euro. The equivalent of the engagement of the two seasons in Ligue 1.

An intrigue that could poison the climate at the end of the season and perhaps compromise the race to Europe, a priority objective for the Favre team. But the Swiss coach preferred to give up Balotelli after the last performance of the Italian, disappointing against Rennes. Nice Matin then writes that the "disease" of Italian is nothing but a way to cover the tense atmosphere. With Favre at the bottom has never blossomed empathy, but so far the goals (14) of the attacker had been the antidote. Balotelli, however, is dry from three rounds and the coach has decided to bet everything on Pléa that instead scores with avalanche: 7 goals in the last four races. Knowing that this time will not have diktat from the management in turn disappointed by the situation.Get your daily 1wetten soccer tips.

Not much on the pitch, because, underlines Nice Matin, all the attackers can go through a negative period, but above all for what happens outside. On the Côte d'Azur they did not like Raiola's declarations that he considered Balotelli to be free. On the other hand, there would be an extra year as an option, translatable as an oral agreement to guarantee the club at least the investment coverage, in engagement, made on the player At the bottom, is the reasoning that is done in Nice, if Balotelli is back desirable on the market it owes it to the team that welcomed it and relaunched when few people believed it. He thinks differently the player who still did not manage to return to Azzurro and at Sport Week said: "If I went anywhere else, it would have been better."

Coming to Nice was a risk, because it was a normal team with good players. he had warned that if I had done wrong it would have been difficult to come back, but I felt good and in fact it went well ". But the ending of the French adventure can still be complicated.

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